Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun Times with Finnish Friends

I spent last weekend in Helsinki for a orientation and then hanging out with the Sydänmaanlakka family.  Janet said it perfectly when she described the weekend as a "big warm hug on a cold day!"

It started off meeting the Fulbright Center staff and talking about educational stuff.

Then on Saturday Amanda, Laurie and I headed out to walk around Helsinki and to see the sites.  We wandered around the design district and found our way to the harbor with a few stops in between. When I got up in the morning, my phone said it was -15 degrees F.  Burr!

A little pause to warm up and enjoy something delicious at Karl Fazer's Chocolate Shop!

Saturday night we headed to Kerava to have dinner with our friends and then Sunday bundled up again to play in the snow. When we finished sledding, we cooked reindeer sausages on the open fire and drank hot chocolate.  A perfect way to end an afternoon of lots of laughs and great memories!       

I had to pull off my hood so you could see my delight,
instead it looks a little like I was disorientated :)
I promise reindeer is yummy on an open fire!
The Finnish guy standing next to me, leaned over and
said "You know you are eating Rudolph, right?"
Made me giggle!

The hill may look small, but it was mighty!  

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