Monday, February 11, 2013

Wanna Dance?

I scored the hottest ticket in town to the high school dance!  There were 410 couples (yes- that's right 820 17 year olds all dressed up in one spot!) and each family was only allowed 3 tickets.  I was one lucky girl!  I went with Marja and her husband.  Taneli, her son, was dancing the night away and I couldn't have had more fun watching!  Here are some shots from the night. 

As you can see this is not your typical American high school dance!  Each of these couples have been practicing the waltz, the tango, and other traditional dances during their PE classes in prep for tonight.  Each school came out on to the dance floor while the live band played.  
Then they danced 6 traditional songs together.  

After those dances, each school was given the opportunity to perform a dance that was choreographed by students.  
This is where the personalities came out!  

And then the evening ended with a parent dance where students came into the audience to get their mom or dad for a dance.  

The last dance was one in which all of the schools (all 820 teenagers!) danced together and managed not to run into each other.  

It was a fantastic evening and I am convinced prom should look more like this- 
it would at least make it more fun to chaperone!  

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  1. It's hard to comment without sounding like a fuddyduddy. It would be a very nice time for one and all.