Monday, March 11, 2013

Being Kicked Out of High School

I have to admit, blogging has not been my first priority lately! I am sure you can tell that since my last post was on Valentines day! But I have been up to some cool stuff and will do my best to try to give you the updates. But first, I must tell you about a fantastic high school tradition that took place in February...

On the last day of regular school work for the last grade of general secondary students, Penkkarit happens where they are (sometimes literally!) kicked out of school!

Some schools have underclassman carry the grade 3 students out the doors, others have underclassmen kick them out the door, but regardless the message is clear. It is time for them to go! This signals the month long study period before the matriculation exams. But like any good transition, you need to have a party.

Students make banners and dress up before they get in a truck to parade around town and celebrate the end of classes by throwing candy at all who are watching on the sidewalk. Here are some of the banners made by Cygnaeus High School that were proudly hanging on the wall before they made the parade around town.

This one needs no translation :)
I couldn't make the parade down Jyväskylä streets because I had already scheduled a school visit at a middle school for the day. However, I sent my high school friend to take pictures and tell me all about it. He emailed me back the webpage of the local news coverage instead.  Teenagers, they never quite follow directions exactly :)  But I am thankful for his inside scoop of the day and his take on the tradition!  The article is in Finnish, but the video is worth watching to get the idea of the day.

Now students are nearing the end of the month long study period and I am still wondering,  how much did you really study?

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