Saturday, June 22, 2013

Look Who Came to Visit Me!

My parents win the award for being the most supportive parents!  They traveled from Boise, Idaho to Jyväskylä (so far google won't calculate the miles traveled!) just to see me and have some fun Finnish adventures.  These are a few of the highlights-

First we hung out with the Pudas' family at their summer cottage for a smoke sauna and a quick dip in the lake.

Taneli and I were laughing at my parents taking pictures on the dock-
I clearly thought this was hilarious!
After hanging around Jyväskylä for a few days we headed east to see the castle at Savonlinna on a stormy day- added to the ambiance!

And saw the biggest wooden church in Finland

Next we took a train and headed south to Turku and the archipelago islands around the city- including another castle and a few more churches. 

Turku castle and another stormy day


A boat took us for the day for a Viking lunch and a trip to the Bengtskär lighthouse.

Porovoo was next on the list and Dad had to spend the day walking around old town with the ladies as we shopped our way down the streets.

Helsinki Sights

Pub Tram to see the sights of Helsinki while enjoying a drink- Happy Father's Day Dad!

Mom and Dad playing Angry Birds at
the Design Museum
We celebrated juhannus (midsummer= BIG holiday in Finland!) by spending the day at Suomenlinna and then meeting up with friends on the beach.  A fantastic day!!

We left the beach around 8pm and the sun was still up!  Spending the longest day
of the year with family and friends made for a perfect celebration and an end to
an amazing trip!

 Thanks for visiting Finland Mom and Dad!  I am a lucky daughter to have you as parents!

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